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strawberry chocolate cake recipe
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Free Recipe for a Strawberry Chocolate Cake

Free Recipe for a Strawberry Chocolate Cake by omg Chocolate Desserts. Strawberry Chocolate Cake is like the best chocolate covered strawberries you’ve ever eaten!!! Moist chocolate cake topped with fresh strawberries, rich chocolate mousse, chocolate ganache and chocolate curls on top. This is serious chocolate fix, plus the cake looks pretty darn impressive!  Get Recipe

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10+ Chocolate Cake Recipes with Nuts You Will Love Baking!

Chocolate Cake Recipes with Nuts. There is nothing more delicious than a sweet chocolate cake balanced out with the astringency of walnuts, almond, pecan and other various nuts. Chocolate and Pecan Cake This dense, chocolaty cake is spiked with pecans in all the right places (as in: everywhere) and a classic confection that will never […]